The difference between a Company Seal and a Company Stamp

Company seals are required by law for all legal documents in selected countries, including stock certificates and deeds. When an official seal is not required, a company stamp can be used as a more formal alternative. Both seals are often necessary for businesses, but they have different purposes.

Company Seal vs Company Stamp: What is the Difference

Company Seal

A Company Seal, also known as a Common Seal, is required for Irish companies under the Companies Act 2014. It has a 38mm round face and can hold up to 50 characters. The seal must include the registered business name and company type, such as LTD instead of LIMITED.

Company Seal and its usage

A Company Seal is used by Directors, the board, the Company Secretary, or authorized individuals. It is typically outlined in the company’s Constitution and can be embossed on official documents like deeds, contracts, and director’s meeting minutes.

Types of company seals

Company seals can be of two types pliers seals and desk seals. Pliers seals are lightweight and portable, with a 38mm round faceplate that leaves a company embossment on documents. Desk seals have a heavy-duty design preferred by professionals and can be compressed by hand for clear embossment on up to 100 gsm paper. No assembly is required, and they are typically displayed on a desk or shelf.

Company Stamp

Although not legally required, a company stamp can facilitate office tasks by providing a professional imprint on essential documents without embossed seals. It is common for companies to keep several stamps on hand for different tasks.

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Having a Company Seal is a requirement in many jurisdictions, while it is not required, having a Company Stamp can speed up and simplify a number of administrative chores. Explore stamp-related services by visiting Stampvala which offers you a variety of options to choose from.

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